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Research Cloud Solutions

Get highly scalable data storage today to power tomorrow’s discoveries.

The Filecoin Advantage for Research

Researchers working with large data sets are often met with storage headaches. As an alternative to costly, conventional cloud services, Filecoin provides efficiently priced and geographically decentralized storage, reducing financial barriers while strengthening data resilience.

Highly Scalable

Designed for future data growth, Filecoin provides petabyte-scale cloud storage with industry-leading pricing. 

Extremely Cost Effective

Filecoin decentralized cloud storage solutions cost less than most cloud providers and on-premises tape infrastructure. 


Preservation Focused

Filecoin combines geo-redundant backup storage with daily verification and native immutability to maximize data protection.

Funding Friendly

Filecoin is natively compliant with the newly enacted data management requirements to receive federal funding (NIH, etc.)

Filecoin protects their most important data

CERN, GenRAIT and UC Berkeley trust Filecoin

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